About Us

I started in the antique trade in the late 1960s, working for a local auction house in the city of Brighton. After three years there, I went to work for an antique exporter specialising in fine art and jewellery. In 1972 I started my own business; ten years ago I took a partner in the business and we decided to go online.

Now, our business is strictly online, allowing us to give competitive prices. Over the years we have had many interesting and wonderful items pass through our hands. We still search for unusual and unique pieces; it is a pleasure to find items that are new to the market. I have always had a personal interest in the fine and intricate work of Georgian and Victorian seed pearl jewellery, also in Memento Mori and sentimental jewellery. We always keep a lookout for good quality vintage jewellery as this will become the antiques of tomorrow - that is why good quality vintage pieces are good investments now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope it will give you an insight into B&E Antique Jewellery. Please enjoy yourself browsing through our website. ​​​​​​​